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Šipun winery is based in the medieval coastal town of Vrbnik, with hald of its vineyard in the valley just to the west. and the other half in hillside sites, where the bura, the brisk north wind that scours the island, keeps fungus from the grapes.

In these rocky hillside vineyards, grapes ripen well, for full.bodied wines with higher alcohol. In the valley, iron oxide tints the soils red, and wines are generally fresh and light, with less alcohol, body and acidity.

The tradition of viticulture in the family Dobrinčić goes back several generations. Winemaking and transplanting, the production of vine grafts, in a commercial sense, are of a newer date. Transplanting is oriented on white cultivars native to the Croatian coastal region, such as Žlahtina, Jarbola, Belina, and red cultivars Sansigot, Kamenina, Debejan.

Wines produced by the family Dobrinčić are quality wines and they currently have five wines in their selection. The white wine Žlahtina, the red wine Sansigot and the rose Trojišćina are offered under the brand name “Šipun”, while they also produce the red wine Kapitul and sparkling white wine Maličić.

For now, only our winery offers dew from this original Croatian variety.

Ivica Dobrincic

Ivica Dobrinčić

The Winemaker

After graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, Ivica restructured and modernized the family production. Using the latest technologies and innovations he is constantly finding new potentials and possibilities.

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